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work experience

September 2019 - Januari 2020

Software development intern at Tweede Golf

In this internship I developed a intuitive way to use a Postgresql database in the Rust programming language called sprattus. As a side project, I build a web scraper that ranks blog posts that could be interesting to Tweede golf based on keywords.

February 2018 - January 2019

Web developer at Yoast

Improved the internal tooling at Yoast. This boosted the the productivity of my coworkers.


Seats2meet meeting spaces overview

A photo of the board that display's the current state of meetingspaces

For Seats2meet Utrecht CS I made a overview board that shows all the rooms they have.
The board is located at the entrance so visitors can see in which room they will have their meeting.

Yadu, a social network site

A screenshot of the yadu website

For the startup Yadu, I and my fellow students from Avans teamed up to create a website that allowed individuals to create a event and let others participate in that event.


2020 - 2021

premaster software science at Radboud university

2017 - 2021

bachelor software engineering at Avans university of applied sciences

2010 - 2017

Higher general secondary education at Maaswaal College

certificates & qualifications


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